Monday, November 16, 2015


Tamir Rice : One Year Later

On 22 November it will be one year since a uniformed police man shot and killed a 12 year old child playing with a toy gun at a playground in Cleveland, Ohio.  There was no interaction, the officer just came out of the police care and shot that child dead.

The actions of the officer need to be looked at carefully and deliberately by our law enforcement officials -- the District Attorney and Attorney General -- specifically must look at the level of competence for police officers and for them to stop those police officers from murdering other human beings while we pay them to do their job -- EXACTLY what is the "Job" of a "Police Officer" in our nation these days anyway?  Maybe we need a collective definition everyone agrees on -- tech and even FOX news can help with that.

That is how we need to fix our police brutality problem in America.  Stopping the brutal police from going out and being brutal to the citizens that pay them to do their job of bringing peace to our communities.

I stand in solidarity with the family of Tamir Rice for answers from their City and State for what happened to their child, for the arrest and prosecution of the "police officer", and for restitution at the federal levels for the family for their loss.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015



to support and continue to support "government" takes all of my "available" energy.

now that my daughter is in high school, it takes very little energy in the traditional "mom" role i have been playing for 15 years now, and the shift of my focus and attention, while still "Mom First," I have focused on maintaining and consenting to a government that is competent and worthy to maintain. 

today, we know our government is incompetent across the board if we just take a simple view at voter disengagement, disconnection and lack of involvement in the communities across our nation.  it concerns me as Governor Brown here in California does the license driver automatic voter registration here, that our elections will now never be able to be representative of the people or even begin to know what the people do and do not consent to for its government without a real revolution.  (i do not share the enthusiasm for this week's announcement, even though i'm thrilled everyone will be automatically registered to vote if they use the driver license system. =)

many talk about that need -- real revolution -- i most definitely see the need for a revolution of the mindsets of those who engage in the roles of politicians in the game of politics here on this planet with the extreme situation brewing in the climate world.  sometimes, the weather helps us find our ways too =)

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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Everyday Is A New Day

Each and every day is unique.  Oh, sure, sometimes the routine of our days mold days after days that seem the same, yet each one is new, different and has its own unique experience.

I have found in doing my work as a peace activist, keeping that thought on the forefront of our conversations and communications allow different thoughts to come from all kinds of sources and people.

Know that each moment, each day is a special time to create something better than what is, and that everyone you meet or experience is here to do it along with you.  Listen carefully, speak accurately and live in the true reality that your experience has lead you to find in the day you are living.

Participate in the government if you believe government is a good thing for our communities, nation and planet -- if you do not participate in the government, our government will fail like it is today.

Go on, go to your next city council meeting or public utility meeting and learn the way of integrated living as part of the structure that creates the world you experience every single day.

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Monday, July 06, 2015


Peaceful negotiations are our best bet to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon—and the alternatives are far more dangerous and costly.

Peaceful negotiations are our best bet to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon—and the alternatives are far more dangerous and costly.

Saturday, July 04, 2015


#FBLRM2015.3 Update 2 Full Text

So, day 2.  Has anyone ?  Nope.
I did get a strange email from "Peter Reid" it came from Indiegogo so, I went ahead and responded, just in case it was real.  I am so tired of no knowing what is and is not real.

I am grateful that someone at Google Wallet is actually, finally, looking into reality like there's a problem, not that my $3.00 is a problem, but that there's a problem with the reality i experienced that so much bothers me, i have to get the Federal Trade Commission involved.  Really, I started that complaint and I went, NO!  This is too STUPID for @GoogleWallet's service contractor to NOT want to fix it for their own protection.  So, I tried one more time.  So, instead I concentrated today on the 4th of July and "Secure America" and their fear mongering trying to derail the Nuclear Talks with Iran from within our own position.  I don't understand that either, but there they are in my Twitter feed doing it, just all bold like ISIS is using Twitter.  And then I read about how much money the CIA spent in that region.  Oh, boy.

Back to the tour.  Yes, so really, Mr. Reid asked why it was important and I have a really hard time to think that anything is really important because we have a president who instead of tweeting about, oh, i dunno, how the major media channels are not covering the burning of the churches in the South and the lack of Loretta Lynch's very obvious campaign to not do anything about it at all at a federal level -- I don't know, I don't watch tv, what is going on? 

All I know is this:  No one is talking about Fukushima and the rising waters that are going to be impacting our coasts in the very near future, let alone the continued risk our old nuclear plants impose on our sensibilities after witnesses some really simple acts of nature that caused the Fukushima disaster in the first place.  So, #OccupyCityHall on that one.

And I know this:  BlackLivesReallyMatter and I really want to go to Ferguson and support those who are STILL struggling for justice there, today, in 2015, for an act that is so wrong, so racists, most of our sensibilities don't even know that stuff still happens in our own nation.  So, a showing of solidarity and an extra pair of hands to help do the tedious work needed to be done to maintain their movement and momentum, pressure and advancements against the hate that gave rise to the #FergusonResponse in the first place.

To me, they bring together the two issues that combine to give the force of support behind the need for nuclear weapons:  (a) an irresponsible industry and government creating weapons of mass destruction, and (b) an pre-emptive war mindset that is justified in the exercise of violence by the police state against the everyday citizens of earth.

That is why I am going to try to do this whole tour.  Starting with leg one, that will get me through the ceremony part of the intention seeding at a minimum.  #LifeIsLong and we will do what we can with the resources available.

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FBLRM2015.2 Purpose

Summer Vacation.  You see, I don't know what else to do, so I do what my parents taught me to do and go from there.  A summer roadtrip or vacation was an every year thing, that's one thing my Euro Immigrant parents taught me that I keep.  And then, I go to the indigenous and the reality that I am in with them and #Fuqafukushima if #BlackLivesMatter all the time, even when on vacation.  So, #Mashup and poof, I always wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore.  I figure I can rant at them really loud (if you've ever done shamanic 'name' calling with me, like we did all the time on the Red Rocks in Las Vegas and all around Southern Nevada, you know exactly what I'm talking about . . . I figure I got at least 2 hours for each of them, but I think ranting for 3 hours is enough for any one person on planet earth right now.  Besides, i'm on vacation right.  The rest of the time, photographing, camping, hanging out being on our planet circa 2015.

I need funding -- well, I really don't.  I can sell a painting to my patron and get the gas money i need and do like i did last summer.  I WANT funding.  I want to be able to fix whatever I want along the way.  I want to be able to random flow where the universe wants me to go and be able to do it AND stick on schedule, AND bring others along for the ride who the universe wants to go with me.  I want a STRONG street team when we get to Ferguson so that we can help dispatch with this stupid KKK church burning mother fuqers once and for all.  ok, i'm ranting already.  #saveit4theStoneColdDeadFuqinPresidentsWhoCre8dThisMess .... I'll Start with Mr. Lincoln and wtf because of this war on terror we're under, that's why.  #BattleBorn <3nikiv p="">
Purpose:  Summer Vacation.

Mission:  To Discover what the 2nd World on Earth has to offer to help Save The #FuqafukushimiedFirstWorld

Intention:  To Find Love -- Well, isn't that what someone does on Summer Vacation?  and i figured it would help with the whole #BlackLivesREALLYMatter vibe.  #NothingButLove or, to follow the story, #Looking4LoveOn and it already started on tumblr some time ago, and ..... but you have to know the story from here, Blogspot, which I started after #zaadz and after #gaiadotcom and after #myspace, so the story of the former husband is all there somewhere if you care to know all that drama. 

So, whether I go alone or with just Siobahn for a bit, Wendy & Jewel for a bit or a bus load of strangers or a caravan of hippies because this is what hippies do in the Summer, right?!  any way, in total #occupyyourself fashion, #autonomy is fundamental, #empowering is my favorite, #walkawayifimoverwhelmed is my style.  #4agreements i try to live by and hold you to it at the same level i expect you to hold me to it because we want to get better, and we are always trying to get better because #togetherwerise in #solidarity, which means to me, "If I Can I Will."

This is the vibe and the way i want to do this, and i think I need $1,000 to do the first leg or two, which I will do one way or the other, even if it takes all summer to do it.  =)

The Itinerary #OLA on Tumblr "Fuqafukushima Conspiracy" is the goal, what happens, is up to the universe.  This is one of my Human Reclamation Projects -- Reclaiming the Human I was born to be.  I am sad I do not have my profile from #gaiadotcom someone has it somewhere, so you know the order in which i think and prioritize from that.  i don't need to explain that shit again, do i?!  anyway . . . #g2g, follow #FuqafukushimaBlackLivesReallyMatter2015 #FBLRM2015 for more details and if you have some extra $ and wanna help pay for gas and maybe a new windshield or you have a bus charter company or own a tour bus and will fund the journey for a crew, it would be nice to do it on any level that comes together, and it will be fun to watch others do it on their own levels as well.  just do it.  whatever you think you need to do for summer vacation just do it.  and #occupyyourself in the way you do your everyday life while you do it.  and #shareyourstory #readeverywhere =)  

SO YES, if you have ever been one of those many people who ask me if I need money, yes, I now need money.  you can email it to or specifically support the tour

I always only need gas money and if you want to buy my art, #Kismart @KTonysKismet via @TonyKayWay is always a potential with the right peeps.  =)

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Friday, July 03, 2015



The itinerary is here :  FuqaFukushimaConspiracy

The idea is simple, doing what i do and taking it on the road.  That means #OccupyCityHall and any public comment that's available.  That means social media art and lots of it as we engage with random reality on the road with an itinerary and map to go and do ceremony and supporting actions and encouraging and empowering those in the communities I happen to be in to help amplify their voice there in their community and out through social media.

I started a "Go Fund Me" and then I woke up the next day going, "Did I really do that?"

Yes I did.  #Tumblr is
required reading ... if you care, that is, to know purpose of this even existing.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Real Nuclear Waste Confidence .... discovered on planet earth.



"life is merely a form of self-imposition.  you'll get used to it." nikohl vandel

we are all infiltrators on one level or another.  in a positive light, we can call it collaboration once we all agree that we are gong to do something together, infiltrators or not.

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The Summer to Hard Block Stupid

We are all stupid.  In our own little ways and some of us in our much bigger ways.  Its nice to be around people who help you to not be so stupid, and I try to do that for others and hope and try my best to receive it when others are doing the same for me.

#HardBlockStupid is when we abandon what we are programmed to do because we are insecure in what we should be most confident in, our own innate ability to make a decision.  and that's when we look to the "experts" to tell us what our decisions should be.

many a good politician gets lost in the emotional game played by professionals who eat them for lunch.  and then the good politicians start making bad decisions that get them into hot water.

i hate to see that happen to good people.

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